In the case that following F.A.Q. cannot answer your question, please contact our team directly or help yourself to access to the following online technical documentation for more information. 

Several components will fail as the air pump ages. To find out what cause air pump stop, you will need to check couple internal components. First of all, electrical power must be disconnected. Loosen 4 screws at each corner and open aluminum upper housing. Further unscrew 4 bolts at each corner of coil cover and then carefully open it. Now you will be able to review

1. the diaphragm has broken

2. safety switch button is triggered.

Following information will provide answer to each problem.

Diaphragm may have broken or have started to break. In order to prevent more damage to the components, Diaphragms and valves need to be replaced.

Diaphragms and air filter are two key components we strongly recommend that to be replaced regularly. Performance and life of air pump can be improved significantly after maintenance. Diaphragms, also known as Linear air pump repair kit, could be purchased via our distributors. 

Please follows step by step described in Maintenance Manual which can be download via our “Download Page”.

Operation & Maintenance manual can be download via our “Download Page”.

Filter can prevent dust entering air pump. We recommend filter to be washed every 6 months and to be replaced every year. Without doing so, airflow volume will be reduced or causing air pump overheated overtime. 

Safety switch is a automatic system to shut down air pump after diaphragm is failed. It is essential component in Model DBMS60, DBMS80, DT60, DT80, DBMX80, DBMX100, BMX120, DBMX150, DBMX200, DBMX250, DBMX300, DBMX400, DBMX500.

AIRMAC air pump is made wiht high quality and durable components. Our air pump in general could work more than 5 year if maintenance manual is properly followed.

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