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Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Diann Bao loves the earth we live, we are dedicated to bring better life to people and all living creatures. Air pump delivers air into Sewage water treatment / Aerobic septic tank allows bacteria breaking down harmful chemcials. Air diffuser is a popular aeration equipment for increasing oxygen transfer efficiency and creating liquid circulation. AirMac’s pumps can also be used in Atmosphere analysis device, Air/water purifier for inspection and Rainwater collecting system!

Sewage system / Aerobic Septic system
Johkasou System
Environmental Gas Monitoring System
Gas / Water Purifying system
Rainwater collecting System
Airlift pump
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Sunlight, Air and Water are the most important elements for aquarium. The rearing of aquatic animals or cultivation of aquatic plants for food needs a comfortable aqua environment. AirMac air pump provides sufficient oxygen to keep animals and plants healthy. 

Aquaculture aeration system
Fish tank Garden
Ponds and Lakes
Live Fish transporting
Aquaponics system
Gardening system
Fishing farming
Hydroponics system
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Medical Equipment

Noise are disturbing to medical environment. AirMac vacuum pumps offers quiet, reliable, long life and are compact for medical devices, including Air mattress, Lymphadenoma compression garments, Negative pressure wound therapy, Low frequency therapeutic equipment…etc. 

Air Mattress bed
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Massage Chair
Lymph Therapy Device
Low frequency Therapy instrument
Intermettent pneumatic compression
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Our linear compressor and vacuum pumps are made with EPDM diaphragm which is durable for most laboratory system integration. AirMac’s air pumps could be found in air sampling, monitoring analysis devices, Ozone Generators, Particle Counters…etc. 

Gas analysis system
Ozone generate machine
Particle counting machine
Laboratory automatic equipment
Monitoring & analysis device
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Industry & Other

AirMac linear air pumps offers good performance, high quality and are compact for wide variety of equipment requiring small compress and vacuum function. It is ideal for fuel cell system, air cushion packaging equipment, low fog machine, automatic screw feeder, scent equipment…etc. 

Fuel Cell Battery system
Cleaning machine
Aroma / Perfume Scent machine
Fog Machine
Automatic screw feeder
Cushion pad packing machine
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