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AirMac's product is widely used in many industries

Place your sample order today to solve your request! Linear air pumps/vacuum pumps can be used in many applications, including Environment, Aquaculture, Medical Equipment, Laboratory and Industry and others… Using linear air pumps/vacuum pumps can let you have better environment and life!!

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Linear Air Pump

Magnetic field of electromagnet switches with input current cycle creating magnetic attraction and repellent forces, which drives the permanent magnet arm forward and backward. Diaphragms attached to the permanent magnet arm thus draw in the air and push it out. AirMac magnetic linear Air Pump are quiet, oil free, easy to maintain, high efficiency and long-lasting.

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Vacuum Air Pump

With passion, integrity, creativity and innovation in magnetic linear air pump, Diann Bao has brought reliable and highest quality vacuum pumps to companies around the world. AirMac Vacuum pump is extremely quiet, lightweight and easy to install into user’s equipment. Our products are widely used in a broad range of laboratory, medical, environmental, industrial equipment (OEM) and many other applications.

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BLDC Vacuum Air Pump

The air intake and exhaust is generated through compressing membrane back and forth by motor drives the eccentric wheel forward. AirMac’s excellent Brushless Motor creatives compact, light weight and precise performance diaphragm vacuum pumps. Our long lifespan brushless diaphragm pumps are designed for air handling application in medical and laboratory automated industries.

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The air intake and exhaust is generated through compressing the piston back and forth from the motor drives the eccentric wheel forward. Dry running piston pump with best performance for high pressure and withstand the most rugged operating conditions. Air compressors are used in a wide range of situations and well suited for applications requiring high pressure, such as nail painting, body painting, spray painting, staple gun and laboratory appliances…etc..
More specification with suction function is in the process of development to serve in the field of medical appliances.
Power: 1/6 or 1/8HP

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Air membrane diffuser is popular aeration equipment for increasing oxygen transfer efficiency and creating liquid circulation. Aerobic Microorganisms/bacteria residents in sewage treatment plant (STP) and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) systems requires oxygen to break down chemical components.

AirMac high quality EPDM and Silicon Membrane Diffuser offer stable and durable capability for waste water industrial.

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