Nowadays people live longer and the medical care consciousness is raising, healthy people is one part of a national competitiveness and the most important motive force for the sustainable Development of a country. AirMac Air pump is a key component to use in a variety of medical, dental, and laboratory applications. Long life, low noise, low vibration are key factors to make your medical equipments reliable and the highest quality. 


Air Mattress

A medical air mattress is a bed consisting of multiple cells to simulate body movement through air in and out to make the cells inflatabe and deflatable slowly. Alternating Pressure Therapy is the ideal option for patients looking to heal and prevent bedsores. 


Negative pressure wound therapy 

It is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressin connected to a vacuum pump to treat acute and chronic wounds. A vacuum source creates continuous or intermittent negative pressure inside the wound to remove fluid, exudates, and infectious materials to prepare the wound for healing and closure.


Typical Applications:

  • Air mattress / Air bed
  • Lymphadenoma compression garments
  • Negative pressure wound therapy 
  • Low frequency therapeutic equipment
  • Massage chair
  • Recovery system
  • Skin hair removal

Recommended Model: