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- Aerobic Wastewater Treatment:

Air pump is a critical component in the aeration system which is the most commonly used in wastewater recovery systems for a single residence or for a small group of homes. The air pump delivers air into the aeration system to agitate and thoroughly aerate the incoming waste water, this allows the aerobic bacteria or bacteria that need oxygen to decompose and transform the waste water into something realtively clean to do their work. The beneficial biological material generated to convert the waste organic materials into gases and additional microbial cell material and then they are easily removed from water by a filter. 


The aerobic treatment systems use an aerobic process for digestion to produce a high quality secondary effluent, which can be sterilized and used for surface irrigation rather than just the anaerobic process used in the traditional septic systems, which needs large amount of water and soluble particles to keep organisms living in it. 



Typical Applications:

  • Aeration for wastewater/sweage water treatment
  • Aerobic Septic tank
  • Air/water purifier
  • Atmosphere analysis device
  • Rainwater harvesting system

Recommended Model: